I’ve moved!

Now please don’t cry. It’ll be hard I know but you can still find me.

When I say I’ve moved, I mean my blog has moved. I made the, possibly fatal, decision of buying my own domain name and starting up my own site. I probably could have stayed with WordPress but I decided to move to Blogger to continue showering you with my utter wit.

This doesn’t mean, however, that you (my loyal followers and readers) will never find me again because you still interact with me over at blogger, even if you just have a google+ account.

So without further ado, I present to you, my new and fabulous blog!



Why I would rather not join the real world

Hello and welcome back to my blog! If you’re reading this for the first time then I would recommend hitting up my about page to find out more about me and feel free to peruse my previous posts. If you’re a regular visitor, welcome back! It’s lovely to see you again!

So, following my previous post, you’re probably aware that I am in my final year of university OH GOD NO. Because of that I am studying towards my dissertation and working towards coming out with a first. Having said that I am in no way prepared to join the real world, with real people and real responsibilities. The only thing university has taught me is how to reference academic texts, how to research and how to survive off pot noodles for days.

So why would I prefer to stay a lowly student for life?

1. I have no idea what I want to do in the future

Now this doesn’t necessarily apply to all of you because it depends largely on what you’re studying at university. If you’re studying, say medicine or law, then it’s fairly simply to figure out what you want to do. For you, it’s just a matter of what to specialise in and where you want to work. For those of you out there, including me, who are studying ambiguous degrees that do not give you some sort of indication what path you should take – this is where we struggle! This is when we start to sweat! This is for those who answer “not too sure” when asked what they’re going to do with the degree they are working towards.

In my case, I study East Asian Studies and if you go on to the university website and see what previous graduates are doing, it ranges from teaching to government work to business work to IT to goodness knows what else. So I could literally go into anything. Yes it gives me a lot of choice but on the other hand, it makes it difficult to narrow down my chosen job. I chose this degree to go and potentially work as an English teacher in Japan in the future but the more I study about Japanese work conditions (for my dissertation) the less I really want to work there… My options are open and I haven’t got too long to make a decision. The sweats have begun.

2. University has NOT given me the right life skills

When I’m 30, knowing how long to leave noodles in water before I can chow down is probably not going to come in handy. You know what will though? Knowing how to pay bills, how to set up internet, how to buy a property, taxes, mortgages etc. All of the accommodation I have been in so far have been very simple – it’s either been bills included or I left it to someone else to organise. Don’t get me wrong though, I’ve learnt a few set of skills. If anything technological gets broken, I can fix it in a flash and I have honed my cooking skills to the point where I could totally compete with Gordon Ramsey.

I don’t know what I’m going to do when it comes to buying a place for myself and even worse if I’m going to move to Japan. I’ve heard from my friends who are over there now and it is HELL to set up anything over there as a foreigner. Some of my friends haven’t had internet for weeks – just that would make me want to commit seppuku.

3. Socialising

I am a very outgoing person, honestly. I don’t just hide in my room trying to come up with blog posts and playing catastrophic amounts of hours of video games. Well maybe I do, sometimes. Most of the time however, I don’t mind going out and meeting new people. However, having spent two years being herded into social situations, I seem to have lost the ability to independently socialise. At university there are so many events that really just set you up for meeting new people but that idea of going out by yourself and starting a conversation with a stranger terrifies me. Again, THE SWEATS.

Similarly, I’ve been in the same job with the same colleagues for the past six years so the fact that soon I’ll be in a new workplace with new colleagues and a new boss is SCARY. I know I’m outgoing and friendly but I’m the weird kind… The kind where I hide a ton of my interests until I get to know someone before I unleash my Japan fury on their poor poor soul (they can’t run away at that point heu heu heu heu).

4. The Work Lifestyle

I think a lot of you who are currently working can agree with this point. Most of the time, the work lifestyle is horrible and I dread it. My earliest lecture this semester doesn’t start until 11am so getting up for a 9 – 5 job just is not gonna work for me! And it doesn’t matter how many times Dolly Parton sings to me about 9 – 5, I’m just not going to like it. This is why I don’t think an office job would suit me – I’d much rather be working in a place where every day is different, including the environment and the clients but at this stage, that’ll be pretty hard to find…

So I’ve raised a few reasons why I don’t want to leave university but just to talk about it in general. The problem with university and the graduates is that uni does not set up its graduates well for the future work environment. Yes, there are degrees in which you can do work experience part way through your degree, which I think is great and those should be offered way more often that they currently are.

I have spoken with countless numbers of students and people in high positions in university and they are always shocked by the high numbers of unemployment in recent university graduates. In my opinion, however, I’m not shocked. It is drilled into our heads that we are being taught and herded into a job but in reality graduates should understand that they have to start at the bottom to get to a decent place in a certain career. Having high unemployment in graduates is natural considering most of us are applying for jobs that we don’t actually have any skills for…

Is this a harsh way to look at the whole university experience? Probably…

The fork in my road

So as I mentioned in my last post, I’ve had a few rough/stressful weeks with a hell of a lot going on which is why my posting schedule has been pretty off… I’d first like to apologise for that – I’m trying to release content for you guys and I broke that promise. I ended up either releasing content I wasn’t happy with or just not releasing any. I just want to give a little heads up on where my life is at the moment so you guys know I’m not just lazy (even though I am… I’m writing this from my bed…).

As you know, I was planning to study abroad in Japan for a year but it was all a bit uncertain because I had two retakes to do. I was studying for these over the summer, tried really hard but unfortunately I failed one retake by 1%, which SUCKS. Like really truly SUCKS. I’d much rather I failed by a load of percent…

I was so confident when I went into my first exam (my semester two language retake) and I had tested myself so much, knew all the grammar but sadly when I looked at the exam paper, 80% of the contents were stuff from semester one, which I hadn’t revised AT ALL. Needless to say I was screwed. Tried my best though but that exam was the one I failed in.

Cry. Shout. Cry. Weep. Chat. Cry. Repeat.

“What are you doing now?” you ask.

I had a few choices:

  1. Drop out of uni altogether
  2. Switch universities and study Japanese somewhere else
  3. Switch degree courses to East Asian Studies

I have chosen…. DRUM ROLL PLEASE

Switch degree courses to East Asian Studies!

The great thing about this degree is that I’m pretty much doing what I’ve been doing for the last two years but just without the language, which works for me. In all honesty, the language didn’t interest me, I’m at a good level of Japanese now to get by in Japan and the studies modules were the ones I were best at!

All in all, this degree is a better choice for me and I’m not just saying that because I didn’t go on my year abroad! I am going out to Japan, it’s just going to take me longer than usual! So don’t you worry my friends, I’m still here to moan and groan at you!

Stay tuned next time for a tour of my new accommodation!

The ONLY fitness app you need in your life right now

Apologies for my hiatus! I’ve had a lot going on recently and I’ve had this post on the back burner for days! Finally, I’ve gotten around to posting it…

After my last post, I feel I should say that I’m not actually that negative about running or exercising in general. I think, reading back over that post, that I came across very hateful about fitness but honestly, there are times when I feel great about it. This app I’m about to introduce to you multiplies those moments!

Zombies Run
Get Fit. Escape Zombies. Become a Hero.
Join 800,000+ runners on an epic adventure that motivates you to run further and faster than ever before – whether you’re a beginner or an expert!
– taken from their website

Now, you must be wondering what the hell this app is about. Let me enlighten you my friends. Let me take you on a journey of wonder and excitement. Take my hand.

To begin with let me just tell you that this app is not free. It costs £3.99 but it is worth every penny (in my books anyway). I have been through every running app you can imagine and none of them does what this one does – make running fun. As you all are probably aware, I love video games and that’s why this app works so well for me. It turns an exercise into a game that you can progress through whilst still getting fit.

How does it work?

You are living in a world that has recently suffered the dreaded zombie apocalypse. You must survive in some way or other. You have been discovered by a safe base camp where other people are living and surviving off whatever they can scrounge. In this scenario they have certain people, those adept enough, who go out to find supplies and that’s where you come in. There’s a bit of shadiness around who you are because you were shot down in a helicopter but no one knows who or what shot you. Was it a survivor? Was it a really smart zombie? All will become clear as you progress! So you are one of those supply runners – the camp sends you out on various missions to basically earn your keep. The more you run, the more supplies you get and the more you can upgrade your camp to better cater the remaining survivors.

Now whilst you can’t technically ‘lose’ the game (as in, you can’t die), the zombies will catch you if you aren’t fast enough and will take some of your supplies, making progression much harder. The great thing is that you can visually see your camp, the upgrades you’re making and the amount of supplies you have – it’s very immersive in a sense.

The awesome thing about this app though is it gives a feel of interval training in that you can walk and then do a burst of sprinting and if you do not run fast enough, the zombies will catch you! To add to this, the closer the zombies get to you, the louder they become so it definitely feels like a chase.

I just have to add that it is not like you hear zombies all the time or a voice narrating all the time. The voice just comes up every now and then (usually at the beginning and near the end) and the zombie noises come at random moments as well. On the app you also set up a music playlist so in the bits without voices you can listen to your favourite tunes.

How I use it

Personally, I don’t like running outside too much because I get embarrassed when I think people are watching me and luckily my mum has a treadmill so I’ve been using that recently. The app can work on either a location based setting or a speed setting. If you are going to be running outside then location based is best for you because it tracks, by distance, how far you are away from the approaching zombie horde. I put it on speed setting because then I have a harder sprint to get away from them and, obviously, my distance isn’t changing!

I did try using it whilst I was outside running but, it embarrasses me to say this, I got scared. It was late at night, I was jogging to a bit of Icona Pop and suddenly I hear zombie growls through my headphones, as if they were right behind me. I panicked and needless to say, I’ve never sprinted that fast in my life!

Another thing about this app, which is different to many others of its kind, is that I don’t feel pressured into running. I don’t know about you guys but the more someone tells me to exercise, the less I want to do it! There’s no notification saying “isn’t it about time you shed the lard, fatty?” or “time to check in!” you can simply run when you want to.

“But won’t this break your motivation if it isn’t reminding you?” I hear you ask and I have one word for you. No. If you are into games like I am (or even if you’re not), the format of this app takes away that feeling of not wanting to run. You think to yourself, yesterday I saved a child from a zombie horde, I wonder what mission I have to do next. It meant that I was no longer dreading workouts but in fact making the decision myself to go and do it! It became less like a workout and more like a game and that’s what I love.

If you truly are just a beginner at running or want an easy start, you have the freedom to choose that. You can just simply turn off zombie chases so you won’t have to sprint every couple of minutes but for me, that would just make this app like the 1000s out there already.

Admittedly, I do not use this all the time but it just enhances my workout. It works especially best for me when I’m in a slump about my fitness and my health and the last thing I want to do is spend 30 minutes trudging on the treadmill. For those who are in a slump, I definitely recommend this to give you that boost you need to get you back into the running circuit.

This app has so many other features that I haven’t explored yet so feel free to check out their website (www.zombiesrungame.com) for more details and to see if that can help you make up your mind as to whether get this or not!

So what do you think? Gonna give it a try? If so, let me know how it goes for you! Obviously, this app will not work for everyone but it did wonders for me and I just want to pass on the tip to you guys!

P.S. I am not being endorsed for talking about this app – I just wanted to share it with you guys!

What I hate about running (but why I do it anyway)

I’ve had a bit of a mental block when it comes to blog posts lately. On one hand my blog is about anything and therefore I should have a lot to talk about but because I don’t have a focus, I find it difficult to hone in on one important/exciting point in my life. I want to write about anything but I want it to be interesting to read. I mean, you guys don’t particularly want to learn about what I had for lunch, you can just check instagram for that!


So, I’m focusing on fitness today because it is a thorn in my side. My brother and his girlfriend are visiting next week and his girlfriend invited me to do the local parkrun on the Saturday morning. Now I don’t know how many people know of parkruns or if you even have them in your country but it is basically a casual 5K crosscountry and they give you your time at the end. Some people treat it as a race and some people walk it – it’s completely up to you.

I’ve never done one before and I’ve never even run 5K in one sitting. The farthest I’ve run, properly, is 2.5 miles so that’s not too far off 5K. Admittedly, that was when I was about 10 years old and enjoyed/was good at running….

So why do I hate running so much?

  • I have big boobs

    Big boobs are a fucking hassle when it comes to any form of exercise and I’m sure any woman with even a slight boob can agree. CURSE YOU FLAT CHESTED LADIES!! My sports bra cost me £30 because I need proper support so I don’t wince every time my boobs fly towards my face and fall back to the floor. Running is especially bad when it comes to this because not only are my boobs like watermelons but I am very heavy footed so it makes the running experience combined with boobies even more harrowing.

  • I’m no longer good at it

    I think I can safely say that something you’re not good at doing is terrible. I am not good at running in the slightest. It’s not that I don’t know the technique or don’t know how to run but I am not very fit right now. I have next to zero stamina for a start which is worsened by the fact that I smoke (I know, I know). I think people who enjoy running must be good at it, surely.

  • It’s boring

    Now if I’m running on my treadmill at home then I can find something to do at the same time. For instance I’ll put on a show on my iPad to watch as I run but if I’m running outside, I can’t take my iPod because I get annoyed by the flappy cable and if I leave my mind alone for too long it drifts to negative thoughts. I’d much rather read a book or watch a show – something I can interact with – rather than run. Of course this would be slightly different if I had nice places to run, like maybe if I was by the beach but my village is pretty boring for a start.


So why do I still (try) to do it?

The best things in life are never easy to get and I believe that’s the same with losing weight and getting fit. It’s not going to be easy. I mean I could easily just get a gastric bypass but that doesn’t mean my lifestyle will change. If I want proper change, I’m going to have to work for it.

So yes, I bloody hate running and getting fit but I simply focus on the end results. I am focusing on the weight I am aiming for and focus on how much healthier I’ll be afterwards. I think that’s what you should do with all goals to be honest. If you keep the goal in mind, the journey will seem that little bit worth it!

Jogging (outside especially) in itself has so many benefits!
– going outside will give me some fresh air
– exercise benefits of a healthy body, lungs and mind
– I can take that time to think about things
– exercise releases endorphins – those little things that make you feel good
– exercise has been proven to help cure depression

Saying all this, however, probably won’t make me exercise anymore than I already am but I have to start somewhere! One of these days I’ll complete a marathon!

So what are your exercise tips or motivation? Hate running like me? Let me know in the comments below!

10 tips for train travellers! (check out that alliteration!)

Surprisingly, I’m currently on the train! I’m on my way back up to Sheffield to take an exam and whilst being sat here for 3 hours is immensely fun, I thought I would take this time to tell you some of my tips on how to make a train ride go smoother!



Photo on 11-08-2014 at 15.34Book your seat and sit in the right one

So many times have I headed to my seat and someone’s been sat in there. Just to top it off, being British means I just have to sit near them and tut under my breath for the rest of the journey. It would all go a lot smoother if you sat in your appropriate seat. Booking is optional but for the longer journeys it does help because you can chose what you want near you. So being a technology junkie means I always book one near a plug.

Take headphones

I cannot stress this one enough. To begin with, headphones block out all kinds of noise from screaming children, nattering women and business men with Bluetooth headsets who think the entire carriage needs to know when that document needs to be on his desk. Also, this is a reminder to those teenagers and young-uns out there who may forget headphones or think we all want to hear the bass and drum of your chosen music. If you do not put headphones in and simply play your music out loud, do not get offended if I turn around and tell you to shut the fuck up.

If you’re on a long journey remember to charge up your electronics

Sometimes we can’t all be lucky to be sat near a plug (or even be on a train with plugs) but if your train lasts more than a couple of hours and you have an iPhone (like me) that has the battery life equal to zero then charging them up before you leave is a must – a necessity! You don’t want to reach your destination and not be able to call your pick-up person!

Take a bottle of water and drink it frequently

I know it sucks to use train toilets but I’m sure us women have developed thighs of steel after training for years squatting over toilets so we don’t have to place our naked skin on those germ ridden seats. Water will not only keep you refreshed but it will also help to keep you awake – you don’t want to be falling asleep and missing your stop! Trains can get very stuffy, sweaty and germy so the water helps to flush out toxins, keep you hydrated and helps your skin (particularly important if you’re going on overnight trains…).

Pack light

Now I’ve done all sorts of trains from small journeys to overnight ones and I think I’ve got the luggage situation down. If you’re journey is long and you need to take luggage try to take as little as possible. It is likely you will have to lug that suitcase up stairs, escalators and lifts and it gets tiring. If you can’t do this, I would suggest investing in a decent sized rucksack (sort of like those camping ones) and that’s what I used when I travelled around Europe. In places like Amsterdam and Montenegro, where the streets are cobbled, I saw plenty of people struggling with suitcases but not me! I could hop and skip and still carry around my luggage! It’s not only easier to travel with a rucksack but it keeps your hands free for your phone, maps and to pay for stuff (and BONUS: you will be less likely to have your luggage stolen if it’s always on your back!).

Bring something to do

For those travelling with family and friends, you may think that it’s not necessary because you can just chat but there will come a point where your loved ones’ chatter becomes dull and you run out of things to say. When that point comes (and it will!) be sure to have packed an i-pod, book, crossword or anything to pass the time. I usually have my i-pod and some studying tools to get me through the arduous journeys of lifeless conversations.

Wear something comfortable

Now I’m not talking about pyjamas or onesies because that just doesn’t sit right with me. When girls go shopping in their panda onesies – just… NO. A big thing for me is that I don’t want to look like I’ve been dragged through a field when I step off a train – I like it to look effortless. So choose something you won’t have to pull at or adjust because you’re self conscious of the length or it getting wrinkled or whatever but make sure it’s something you would wear out on a regular day. In terms of maintaining the right temperature, I tend to dress so I can layer so if I do get hot I can take off some layers and vice versa.

Be sure to get up every now and then

There’s nothing worse than getting out of your seat after a long journey and having cramp/dead legs. This is a similar principle to why you should move around on flights – you have to keep your circulation working hard in your legs (I mean obviously you won’t get blood clots but it still helps…). If I don’t stretch my legs then my knees start to really really ache! You’ll feel a lot better when you step off the train if you haven’t just been sat there for hours in the same position.

Bring the necessities!!

This is really aimed at long train journeys but I’ll slot this in anyway (not because I could only think of 9 tips, honestly). I would not be able to go on a train without at least BB cream and concealer on so I know when I say ‘don’t wear makeup’ many of you women will scoff. If you really can’t wear makeup on the train then I would recommend getting a hydrating spraphoto (1)y or taking your makeup off as soon as you get to your destination. To begin with, foundation will have soaked into your pores and it’s essential you allow your face to breathe if you want good skin. Also, if you’re wearing heavy eye makeup, it’s bound to irritate your eyes at some point, especially if you’re trying to sleep. It is imperative, and please listen to this tip, that when you get off the train and see your makeup looking a bit dull and worn away that you don’t just slap on more. Your foundation and what not is still on your face but it’s just been absorbed by your skin a bit more. If you then apply on another layer that is a total of two barriers that your skin must fight in order to breathe. On a similar note, this applies to women and men, I would recommend taking a toothbrush and toothpaste and keep them handy. After a long trip I always feel dirty, even if I’ve showered that morning and brushing my teeth really helps to freshen me up and give me more energy!

Be positive

This is especially important, once again, if you’re on long train journeys. I know it sounds cheesy but the journey is not going to go quicker if you moan about it. I’ve been on 10 hour journeys in blistering heat and yes sometimes you just want to moan but it doesn’t help, in fact it makes it a lot worse. If it’s a long journey, try looking on google maps to see how many miles you’ve done. If people are being loud, turn up the sound on your ipod or try making up silly stories about them! Anything will work, honestly, just don’t think about how much longer you’ve got left/how your sweat is so intense you could probably fill a small lake…


So there you have it. 10 tips to help you out on your travels. Got any other tips that work for you? Got a special train routine that you stick to? Let me know in the comments below!

A guide to how depressed people feel

Emptiness-depression-33252846-479-494For some people, you must think that a guide will be easy to write because depressed people are simply ‘sad’ but we are much more complicated than that. So many times I have been told to simply ‘cheer up’ or ‘just get out of bed, you’ll feel a lot better.’ Do you honestly not believe I haven’t tried that? Whilst it seems simple for you regular people, it isn’t for us.

Depression isn’t as simple as being sad. Everyone in the world can be sad but it only becomes depression when it starts to affect your whole life. So usually when you get to that depressed stage, it isn’t as simple as being sad – there are generally other factors affecting the individual.

A rollercoaster of a lifestyleT Cup Ride sm

Many people who are depressed describe their emotional state as that of a rollercoaster – constantly on ups and downs. Whilst I believe this to be true I like to describe my state as being on that teacup ride in theme parks, I don’t know if you know the one I mean. The ride that little kids go on and you can either ride it peacefully or some fucker can come and spin you round really fast until you lose control.

That’s how I feel.

Some days everything can be calm and perfect but one thing can come along and spin me out of control and I feel helpless, lost to the spin of the teacup.

Scary state of mind

Everyone who has depression has it for different reasons so everyone requires different treatment. In my case, it fundamentally comes back to me being a perfectionist. Everything I do, everything that happens to me will affect me because I aim to be a perfectionist.

I always have a need to please other people so it took me a long time to be honest about my depression because I didn’t want to be a burden to other people. I also felt that there was no way I could have depression because I thought it only happened to weak people, people who weren’t capable of taking care of themselves. To an extent, I am weak but that no longer has a negative connotation for me. In fact, the very fact that I am still here today shows how strong I have become!

If anyone with depression is reading this, the one thing I would like you to take from this is that by having depression you have not failed. You’re simply at a blip in your life and there is no way that you cannot get through it – whether you need help or not.

The difference

Everyone seems to think that people diagnosed with depression are so different to people without depression but this is not true in the slightest. Yes, our minds and our physical makeup may be different to yours but that does not mean we should be treated any differently.

I think that is the worst for people with depression – being treated like either a fragile object or a nut case.

If i even try to speak about my depression to people they either look at me with pity or as if I just told them I’ve murdered a baby. I understand that it’s difficult for people to get if they haven’t been through it themselves but no one is ever going to understand unless we talk about it.

There seems to be a taboo when discussing mental health issues. I mean it’s perfectly okay to get a day off school for the flu but not okay to get the day off for a depressive incident.

So does anyone out there have an insight into depression? Anyone got their own stories on how you’ve dealt with depression?

What about for those who don’t have depression – what do you struggle with when trying to understand those with mental health issues?